I decided to take the numbers* of print editions and compare them to a small percentage of online “subscribers,**” in this case public Bloglines subscriptions. First time, so I might not have subscribed to the largest feeds, subscriber-wise:

*Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations as reported by USA today on 5/8/2006. **Bloglines.com public subscribers to newspaper websites' front page rss feeds. If no feeds automatically detected, searched site for news feed. ***Could not ascertain primary rss feed. Chose most popular bloglines RSS feed.
USA TODAY 2,272,8156,533
Wall Street Journal 2,049,786 1,246
New York Times 1,142,464 3,793
Los Angeles Times 851,832 60
Washington Post 724,242 744***
New York Daily News 708,477 117
New York Post 673,379 70
Chicago Tribune 579,079 140
Houston Chronicle 513,387 35
Arizona Republic 438,722 115