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"It made me think in new ways."

I can't remember a piece of media thinking I've enjoyed as much as Mel's Sandbox by Melody Joy Kramer. The above is just a line she used her her latest epistle, and I think it captures what I've always wanted in my media: To make me think in new ways. It's why I've always hated most columnists and almost all cable commenters, even those I agree with: They don't expand my world.

The most gratifying, surprising aspect of MuckRock had been discovering amazing people who use the site to explore questions I never even would have thought to ask. They make me think in new ways, and hopefully the community we're building helps them think in new ways, too.

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The real cost of broken FOIA

Besides the anecdotes you got related to nail-salon culture, what's the most shocking thing you found?
It took me over nine months to get the Labor Department to give me information from their database, which they are legally required to do based on the Freedom of Information laws. And the most shocking thing was how little they go into salons. They have two people who speak Korean. Nobody's looking.

Via VICE regarding New York Times' investigation into exploitation at New York City nail salons.

MuckRock's evolution

MuckRock Abstract Business

Above, a few years of MuckRock usage visualized, showing how we've moved from mostly free accounts (yellow) to community (green) and professional (blue) accounts. I find it utterly unhelpful and delightful.

Markov Modernism

Via MuckRock's spam folder, some wonderful literature:

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My talk at Stanford's Data Driven Conference


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