Yesterday, Jason Calacanis posted a rebuttal to a Times piece highlighting criticism of Netscape’s revamped, Digg-inspired homepage.

Calcanis wrote of the naysayers: Same thing here, we’re in the middle of paradigm shift from top-down control to bottom-up participation, and when you make a radical change like that you’re gonna get pushback. In fact, I’m really excited to see the pushback because it let’s me know we are on the right track.

Steve Rubel, however, calls the handling of the Times piece a bit less than above board:

One of Netscape’s editors seeded a link to the post in one of the Netscape channels, which I don’t think is kosher. Let the community push that news gang, not you. Otherwise you’re favoring Netscape propaganda, which at least in my view, makes you come off worse if you had just left alone.