Amid the clamor for newspapers to “get it” with the web, we take a moment to remember the casualties. Or at least Editor & Publisher takes a moment, but leaves out the good stuff.

Roughly transcribed from that article:

Rich Jackson says he was fired as managing editor of The Palladium-Item in Richmond, Ind., on July 17, for what he claims was the fact that his bosses didn't like his MySpace profile. "There was content on there they didn't like, but they never said what it was."

Content that included a song called “The Rectal of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Not there is anything wrong with that.

However, the background to Jackson’s plight is more interesting: He created his own MySpace account after the paper hired a MySpacer to blog interesting stories, like stories about middle-aged women driving drunk.

These stories then spark insightful commentary like this:

I think this is slightly fun.... I image some crazy lady with a bunch of cats cruizing around with a bottle of whiskey in her hand. Though I am strongly against drinking and driving, and cops. lol

All fulfilling a clearly-defined mission that speaks the languge of today’s youth:

The Pal-Item is on myspace for one reason! To hear from you! We want to connect with the teens in our community! This myspace exists for the sole purpose for you guys to voice your opinion about ANYTHING! So, go what you wanna say, let your voice be heard! You can also check out the Palladium-Item's Web Site! Who I'd like to meet: YOU!! seriosuly, we want to know you!

Hey, with more exclamation marks than sentences, you at least know they are passionate, right?