I don’t get very hyped up about many movies, particularly to the point of paying to actually see them in a theater, but I’d wanted to see Cloverfield for a while. Why? Because I’m a B-movie Sci-Fi fan at heart, even if I don’t devote enough time to the craft.

Cloverfield had one of the more promising ARG’s, with a sort of convoluted back story and videos of the monster’s first sightings, but all interesting back story, thematic motifs, and context were out the window with the final cut.

More than anything, I felt like I was watching someone play through Half Life 2, minus all the quality voice work and dramatic set pieces. Ah well. Sure, it was pretty, I enjoyed the first-person-ish view (no motion sickness here!), but there just wasn’t any there there.

So why am I sharing this with you now, dear reader, eight months after theatrical release? Because according to Google, I’m the first person to call Cloverfield a “disastrous movie.” I thought it was kind of punny, anyways.

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