Since I registered it on April 20th, 2005, has been my home page on the web. Also since pretty much that date, it’s been powered by Drupal, my content management system (CMS) of choice. It’s not the easiest platform, particularly for beginners, and I wouldn’t recommended it for a simple blog platform, but it’s an incredibly powerful open source tool if you’re willing to dive in and learn a little PHP, CSS and web server configuration.

I recently moved from the Chameleon theme to a custom theme, called Instant Design, that I wrote myself. It’s a work in progress, but when it’s portable enough I’ll upload it here in case anyone else is interested. It’s based on the BlueprintCSS framework and the excellent BlueprintCSS Drupal port, without which I would’ve been sorely stuck. If you really like the theme, let me know and I’ll hurry up on getting it ready for public consumption.

The site is hosted by, a company I’ve been using since the site launched. Their support has continuously improved, as has their up time, and I highly recommend them if you have modest hosting needs like my own.

As of this writing, I average slightly over a hundred unique visitors a day. May 21st, 2009 was the site’s most popular day on (Google Analytics) record, with 1,403 unique visitors.

Some services I use on this site: