I’ve been tempted lately to start a Tumblr called “Things I Hate But I Love.” For one, it’s the perfect Tumblr name, in an Emily Gould sort of way, but also it’s something I’ve been experiencing rather frequently.


The latest thing I’d tumble if given the chance is a podcast. I hate podcasts, and know few people who actively seek them out. They’re damned inconvenient without an iPod+iTunes, and I find I end up just typing whatever the Podcast host is saying if I try listening to them at work.

But I needed something more productive to listen to than the Black Eyed Pees while running and commuting, and I decided to give Reboot the News a go. I had low expectations judging from the weekly podcast notes, but as I’m going through old episodes, each one has at least a gem that makes the 45-minute listen worth it.

The latest that has me thinking? Focusing on the “user of news,” which I feel adds a bit of needed utilitarianism to our lofty profession. Hear that episode for yourself here:

Each week (except weeks they take off) Dave Winer, an RSS pioneer and all-around excellent geek blogger, and Jay Rosen, NYU journalism professor and Twitter gadfly, kick around on re-inventing journalism, and I highly suggest you listen in if that sounds up your alley.

Anyways, I don’t have that Tumblr account, so I’ll leave this meme be … for now.

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