Recently, I’ve fallen in love with a number of web widgets:

  • Feedly, which if you use Firefox and Google Reader, makes both so, so much better
  • Google SideWiki, which is much ado about nothing
  • Drupal Admin Menu, which makes administering a Drupal site much, much more fun

Unfortunately, all three of these extensions muck around with how HTML is displayed, and ultimately they removed the ability to post articles on my website. Sure, I could have used another computer, or even another browser but …

Anyways, those issues have been fixed, since I ultimately tossed Admin Menu since it was the lowest hanging fruit. Google Wiki is next to go since it’s a waste so far, and Feedly is firmly here to stay until someone else does it more openly and better.

I still won’t be blogging here much, but I do blog pretty much every weekday over at the IT Watch Blog. I don’t know why I chose that name, but come on over: We’re a fun crowd.