I’ve given up for the evening on getting repeating events to work with Views Calendar. It took long enough just to get any calendar working, but the Spare Change calendar is once again alive and well.

With that done, the next priority is (against a nagging feeling of impending doom) implementing an Open Atrium installation for the Spare Change Development committee, to better keep the sub-committees organized. I’m worried this is just one more technical feature that will end up unused: A technical solution to a people problem. That said, Open Atrium is a gorgeous Drupal installation profile that includes a lot of nice task tracking features, group documentation, and project management overviews.

My impulse is to turn on as few features as possible, to make actually using it easier. We’ll see how that goes.

The other major priority is tackling Facebook integration, which I want to get on ASAP so our staff will actually start posting content.