Or rather, the lack thereof. A major German publisher, presumably in Apple’s ranks of the exempted (a “well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format,” as they put it to the Times), is pushing back on Apple’s suggestion that they tone down their racy content.

Bild, Germany’s daily “picture newspaper” tabloid since 1952, has had their “shake the Bild girl app” shaken from the App store for showing areolas, and the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) is considering a formal complaint, according to The Guardian. Apple CensorshipThe app in question The piece quotes Association of German Magazine Publishers chief executive Wolfgang Fuerstner by way of Der Spiegel*: “Publishers can’t sell their soul just to get a few lousy pennies from Apple.”

Nips are a no-no in most state-side tabloids and lad mags, but trying to export cultural standards elsewhere might be a dangerous game.

*I couldn’t find this quote anywhere in the English-language Der Spiegel, so I’m taking it on the Guardian’s word.