Tried upgrading the site to Drupal v 7 tonight, and made a few mistakes (some in full knowledge) while doing it:

  • Backed up nothing, relying on luck and my occasional SQL database dumps
  • Didn't read the requirements: Drupal 7 needs a later version of PHP than Drupal 6
  • Randomly deleted and added files when trying to get it to work
  • Tried and failed at doing an Ubuntu distro upgrade

The real show stopper is the PHP requirement, which took me way too long to figure out. Once I did, I tried upgrading my Ubuntu server but it’s having trouble extracting the latest update, so I’ve reverted back to 6.22 and this ugly Garland theme until I have some time to figure out what’s going wrong.

The Drupal 7 installation screen, however, looks really nice.

Editor’s Note: I apologize for calling Garland ugly. It’s obviously not, and Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens are both incredibly talented designers. It’s just the default and not my theme, which is what bugs me. Wittens, by the way, did the wonderful and thought-provoking TermKit. Check it out if you’re geeky.