Usually I start beta testing Drupal releases well before it’s safe or sane, usually upgrading this site, without any real backups, to the latest, greatest and crashiest. With Drupal 7, I held off because I’ve been so completely swamped. I’m happy to report that the installation process has been further refined and simplified, particularly when it comes to troubleshooting what you need to jigger a little bit around to get it running properly. I’ve been so used to modifying sites.default.php, I actually had to go back and undo my modifications to get things up and running, but the changes are all good.

I generally also like the default modules: Drupal now seems to do a lot more out of the box, and feels more ready to go. Very heavy on the light boxification, for example, as well as built in images. The light boxification actually seems to break the ability to do things on Android’s browser, but turning it off was quick and painless.

Huge kudos to the Drupal community. I know there’s been a lot of high-level complaints, but this release is a huge step in the right direction.