I started my first blog sometime in 2000, and the past year or so, I’ve been trying to dredge it up from the past. Over a decade ago! Well, I finally came close: I got the username and password to my second blog, since after I wrote some stupid things on the first one, I deleted all the entries and started anew.

Here was that first entry on that blog, posted 2001-05-07 and titled “A new beginning”:

Hey everyone, this is ! Most of the people reading this understand why. Anyways, things are really busy around now, but I'll try and update this with some semblence of frequency, or at least sporadic infrequency. I'll see ya around!</blockquote> I was thinking of importing those old entries here, but it's all rather unfortunate high school drama, and better left there. Still, it's comforting to know I once again have access, and I'll figure out a way to back it up at some point.