The Zombie Apocalypse, Signed

So rarely are two of my interests so perfectly merged: American Sign Language and Zombies. I don’t like embedding YouTube videos generally, but this deserves mention: </param></param></param></embed>

Irony from ASBPE: Fighting its own trends

Since joining TechTarget, I’ve gotten occasional e-mails from the ASBPE. None have really been notable, until I was invited to hear ASBPE’s “Ten Trends that Could Make (or Break) Our Editorial Careers” (emphasis mine): Among the 10 trends to be covered: [Read More]

Gawker design thef-- I mean, inspiration

One thing I’ve been mildly-yet-obsessively entranced with for a number of years is how nicely Gawker plays with thumbnails: One of the minor irritations of modern web design is that, even you HTML the hell out a blog post to make it look perfect in terms of graphical layout, by... [Read More]