The real cost of broken FOIA

Besides the anecdotes you got related to nail-salon culture, what's the most shocking thing you found? It took me over nine months to get the Labor Department to give me information from their database, which they are legally required to do based on the Freedom of Information laws. And the... [Read More]

MuckRock's evolution

Above, a few years of MuckRock usage visualized, showing how we've moved from mostly free accounts (yellow) to community (green) and professional (blue) accounts. I find it utterly unhelpful and delightful.

Markov Modernism

Via MuckRock's spam folder, some wonderful literature: handed the kitchen as soon. Kind smile before they had meant. 3Si Good aftern̎oon swe֭ęt love! Thͭis is John called out of course. Having sex but if izzy sat down Neysa)) ÷ìNNot feeling well as soon for something. Maddie looked about your career... [Read More]

The Walled Garden reapers come to collect their due

[caption id="attachment_108" align="alignnone" width="660"] Image licensed under Creative Commons by Flickr user Johnson Cameraface.[/caption] Image licensed under Creative Commons by Flickr user Johnson Cameraface. It used to be pretty easy to grow an online audience, month-over-month, year-over-year. When I worked managing dozens of bloggers, I even had it down to... [Read More]