Top CJR Daily Editors Resign After Funding Halved

Steve Lovelady, CJR Daily managing editor and Bryan Keefer, CJR Daily assistant managing editor, have resigned after their budget was slashed in half. In the New York Times article on the resignations, Nicholas Lemann, dean of Columbia Journalism School, says that cuts were necessary in order to boost print subscriptions:... [Read More]

Marketers Demand Ad Audits

MediaPost reports that a consortium of eight major advertisers have created a standard for auditing online ad clicks … and intend to enforce it. [Read More]

Washington Post Online Revenue Grows 36%

“Still, the Post’s online ad revenues grew faster than some of its rivals. At The New York Times Co., for instance, online ad revenue for The New York Times Media Group, New England Media Group, and Regional Media Group grew 25 percent in the second quarter.” – article at Media... [Read More]