First Google, then the world?

I’ve won the Google love, but even my dad Yahoo!’s better. At least Microsoft live likes me, though Technorati doesn’t even know I exist. Sigh.

Upcoming Topics

Here’s some of the topics on the backburner. Have an idea for an interesting piece? Leave it as a comment, and if you leave your info, I’ll credit you. [Read More]

Monster strikes back ... tentatively

It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t have Career Builder-sponsored articles, ads, and listings, but Monster appears to be sick of it. They’re partnering up with Philadelphia Media Holdings, owner of the Inquirer and the Daily News, according to Reuters et al. [Read More]

Introducing NewAssignment.Net

Jay Rosen has a lengthy, lengthy Q&A on NewAssignment.Net, which, with some VC funds from the likes of Craig Newmark from Craiglist, hopes to create a New Media/Old Media hybrid. Who isn’t these days? [Read More]