Wiki Success Story?

After the L.A. Times’ hastily withdrawn wiki editorial, few imagined papers would tread that path again. But tread they did, though perhaps using the wisdom of the masses a bit more wisely to collate data rather than to form an opinion on said data. [Read More]

Fox News's website, reimagined

Not exactly new (says it was posted May 22, but I think it’s older), Andy Rutledge has a rather lengthy critique of Fox News’s website. He says his critique is in no way “a viable redesign effort beyond the specifics cited.” [Read More]

BBC Restructures

Paidcontent summarizes some major BBC restructing as they shuffle in order to deal with “new media,” which one exec is quoted as saying: “Much of what we call ‘new media’ is really present media and it belongs in the main content divisions alongside linear TV and radio.”