Making it easy to take it easy

[img_assist nid=2419 title= desc= link=none align=right width=589 height=640]The founder of Wesabe, a failed, Mint-like personal finance startup, <a href=”’>wrote a blog post on why his company failed</a>. It’s good, seemingly courageous (he takes the blame fully and squarely) and, better yet, draws direct comparisons to the company that killed his,... [Read More]

Plants vs. Zombie: Android invasion imminent?

I think I bought Plants vs. Zombies the day it came out for PC, maybe having burned through it three times, but I’m still excited about this little snippet from TechCrunch, only because it more than hints that PvZ is coming to Chrome, and if it’s coming to Chrome there’s... [Read More]

Why I Still Love Drupal

Last Thursday, at 4:37 PM, I got an e-mail from a team at MIT I’ve been developing for: We need brand new feature X, and we need it up and working by tomorrow morning. [Read More]