By day, I primarily wear the “journalist” hat, but lately I’ve gotten involved with Spare Change News as a volunteer on the Development Committee. I’m sure I’ll be writing more about them in the future, but suffice to say Spare Change is a street newspaper that’s designed to be an accessible form of self-employment for homeless or formerly homeless individuals.

I was asked to help re-design their website: 1994 called, they want their tables back.

So I’m working on the re-design which is going swimmingly and forcing me to work a bit more on Instant Design, but while I’ve found an excellent Drupal drop-down menu tutorial, I can’t get rid of the damn unordered list bullet stylings, despite using the style: blank; tag or whatever it is.

The result is not pretty: SpotSpot

And that’s why you’re getting this wonky design rant rather than a post on SEO for journalists, like I’ve been planning for weeks.

Updated: I removed some spelling errors and a few rather unnecessary snarky remarks.