Gawker design thef-- I mean, inspiration

One thing I’ve been mildly-yet-obsessively entranced with for a number of years is how nicely Gawker plays with thumbnails: One of the minor irritations of modern web design is that, even you HTML the hell out a blog post to make it look perfect in terms of graphical layout, by... [Read More]

Yet another Michael Morisy journalism blog

In addition to here and the IT Watch Blog, I’m now blogging at MuckRock, a site dedicated to web-enabled citizen journalism tools. I’ll be writing about, er, citizen journalism, freedom of information laws, and any other little thing that strikes my fancy. [Read More]

First they came for the bikinis ...

Or rather, the lack thereof. A major German publisher, presumably in Apple’s ranks of the exempted (a “well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format,” as they put it to the Times), is pushing back on Apple’s suggestion that they tone down their racy content. [Read More]