Games journalists (should) play

Level upLately, I’ve been reading a lot more about game mechanics in media sites. They can be addictive, even with little else compelling to offer: I get very little out of FourSquare since almost none of my friends have accounts, and of even those few none actively use it. [Read More]

What is a journalist's job?

There’s a great post by Jeff Atwood on the importance of elevator pitch test out of which I snip the following: <blockquote>Software developers think their job is writing code. But it’s not.* Their job is to solve the customer’s problem. Sure, our preferred medium for solving problems is software, and... [Read More]

Facebook's 'great betrayal' does users a favor

Two points, perhaps slightly contradictory: Facebook's new privacy rollout is doing users a favor. "Free" may be the limit that social networks can, by and large, charge users, but it means the users aren't the customers. [Read More]