Open source journalism: The Gotham Gazette's budget games

Gail Robinson, editor in chief of the Gotham Gazette, and Amanda Hickman are two of my new journalism heroes. With a Knight Foundation grant, they’ve been creating a series of news games, which they’re in the process of open sourcing. Switch is kind of a basic game that has players... [Read More]

Diving in to Open Atrium

I’ve given up for the evening on getting repeating events to work with Views Calendar. It took long enough just to get any calendar working, but the Spare Change calendar is once again alive and well. [Read More]

Drupal: Facebook Connect or not to connect ...

Editor's Note: In the interest of sanity and others' edification, I thought it might be nice to start logging my travails developing Spare Change News in Drupal. I probably won't post all the updates to Instant History (the main blog), but the major ones will show up there, with everything... [Read More]

Google Reader only scales so well

I really don’t know how I ended up being subscribed to 1369 RSS feeds, but I did. A lot of it is probably Twitter feeds, which I subscribed to using Dave Winer’s Twitter OPML exporter because I wanted a backup of this stuff. [Read More]


Recently, I’ve fallen in love with a number of web widgets: Feedly, which if you use Firefox and Google Reader, makes both so, so much better Google SideWiki, which is much ado about nothing Drupal Admin Menu, which makes administering a Drupal site much, much more fun Unfortunately, all three... [Read More]