Yodlee MoneyCenter considers new features; Is Mint.com far behind?

Yodlee MoneyCenter is apparently considering launching some new features, ranging from a way to gauge your environmental impact based on your purchase history to peer-to-peer financial advice. Since Yodlee also powers Mint Financial Services and BankOfAmerica.com, don't be surprised if the features make there way over there, too.Read the full... [Read More]

UPDATED: More LEGO Rock Band set list songs announced

June 5th: I've been scouring Twitter and Google Alerts for the latest on more LEGO Rock Band songs, so I'll add them as I find them. Jump to the Lego set list. I don’t have much more to report on LEGO Rock Band’s songs last time, but I’ll take it.... [Read More]

Dan Froomkin, then and now: Blog with a voice!

The Internet doesn’t work on a daily schedule. But even more importantly, it abhors the absence of voice. There’s a reason why opinion writing tends to dominate the most-read lists on our “news” sites. Indeed, what we’ve seen is that Internet communities tend to form around voices — informed, passionate,... [Read More]

What to do if you get hit by the Facebook brunga.at virus attack

Most of my hits lately have been people searching for information on bunga.at or another variant, like kirgo.at, nutpic.at, or 151.im. I’ve put together bits and pieces of information on the continuing Facebook phishing attack, but here’s a quick guide on what to do if you’ve already fallen for it:... [Read More]