Cloverfield: A diastrous movie

I don’t get very hyped up about many movies, particularly to the point of paying to actually see them in a theater, but I’d wanted to see Cloverfield for a while. Why? Because I’m a B-movie Sci-Fi fan at heart, even if I don’t devote enough time to the craft.... [Read More]

Why the iPhone App Store might be good for Ubuntu

As Jonathan Zittrain blogs, the iPhone 3G still leaves free (as in speech) software lovers a lot to worry about, but the App Store implementation in particular gives me hope that the Ubuntu (really, Debian) model of centralized repositories has legs. [Read More]


So just finished deleting the last of the some 1,500 spam comments, installed a new comment filter, and re-enabled comments. If you have trouble commenting, feel free to e-mail me at lastname at gmail dot com.

Guide: Make Yahoo! Pipes the ultimate news tracker

A few summers ago, I was guest editing a blog that covered a few topics I had only loosely tracked before. Since my job was to find and post the most interesting overlooked bits, I gave <a href=>Yahoo! Pipes</a> a look as a way to create a “news scanner,” and... [Read More]

A moment of weakness

I’ve held out for years, but after foregoing a new phone, I finally caved and bought an iPod to console myself. An iPod Touch, no less! After a lifetime of dealing with third-tier MP3 players, I finally have the Cadillac of personal digital media. It plays movies! Music! And it’s... [Read More]