Why the iPhone App Store might be good for Ubuntu

As Jonathan Zittrain blogs, the iPhone 3G still leaves free (as in speech) software lovers a lot to worry about, but the App Store implementation in particular gives me hope that the Ubuntu (really, Debian) model of centralized repositories has legs. [Read More]


So just finished deleting the last of the some 1,500 spam comments, installed a new comment filter, and re-enabled comments. If you have trouble commenting, feel free to e-mail me at lastname at gmail dot com.

Guide: Make Yahoo! Pipes the ultimate news tracker

A few summers ago, I was guest editing a blog that covered a few topics I had only loosely tracked before. Since my job was to find and post the most interesting overlooked bits, I gave <a href=http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/>Yahoo! Pipes</a> a look as a way to create a “news scanner,” and... [Read More]

A moment of weakness

I’ve held out for years, but after foregoing a new phone, I finally caved and bought an iPod to console myself. An iPod Touch, no less! After a lifetime of dealing with third-tier MP3 players, I finally have the Cadillac of personal digital media. It plays movies! Music! And it’s... [Read More]

Making money from free content

Working on a business plan to monetize your content? Kevin Kelly has some words of advice. He has posted an essay on making money from copyable content, particularly in finding differentiators that can’t be copied. In bullet forms, his main suggestions: [Read More]