Making money from free content

Working on a business plan to monetize your content? Kevin Kelly has some words of advice. He has posted an essay on making money from copyable content, particularly in finding differentiators that can’t be copied. In bullet forms, his main suggestions: [Read More]

So long ...

Just when I made it big enough to get comment spam, I’ve decided to close up shop. Working 50 hours a week as Managing Editor plus being a full-time student, investigative reporter and aspiring job applicant just leaves no time for this pursuit. [Read More]

Real estate ads headed online ... but not to papers

No less startling, the majority of those real estate advertisers who are shifting their ad dollars online are not spending them on newspaper web sites. Those dollars are going to independent sites dedicated to snatching home buyers and sellers. [Read More]

Internet Outage

Without cable for three weeks, postings will be cut back. Regular service will resume Sept. 1.

Top CJR Daily Editors Resign After Funding Halved

Steve Lovelady, CJR Daily managing editor and Bryan Keefer, CJR Daily assistant managing editor, have resigned after their budget was slashed in half. In the New York Times article on the resignations, Nicholas Lemann, dean of Columbia Journalism School, says that cuts were necessary in order to boost print subscriptions:... [Read More]