Mark Cuban on why original streaming content won't make money

Mark Cuban has a post up on why broadband is over-rated. The end touches on content, saying that re-purposed content might be worth re-streaming but otherwise … And finally, for all you content creators that think broadband video, whether to a PC or PDA will be the greatest opportunity to... [Read More]

J-Schools try to merge Web 2.0 with investigative journalism

Steve Bryant has a piece on an joint summer program between several prominent J-Schools that seeks to focus in-depth on honing investigative skills (the four major focuses are the budget of Homeland Security, immigration, privacy vs. national security, and the U.S. military abroad). [Read More]

Forums, video, blogs, oh my!

Media Life Magazine has an article on papers struggling to create original content for the web, and deciding what technologies that want (and can) bring to the table. [Read More]