"People do things"

Edward Tufte: Agencies, departments, and organizations don't do things - people do things. People's names should be on things to foster both accountability and pride. [Read More]

Sourcing like a Pro: How Andrew Ross Sorkin gets his scoops

Cornell Alumni Magazine has a wonderful interview with the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin and Businessweek’s Peter Coy about their craft, and it’s rare that I’ve seen two journalists open up about their inspiration, motivation and, most revealingly, sourcing. [Read More]

My second blog

I started my first blog sometime in 2000, and the past year or so, I’ve been trying to dredge it up from the past. Over a decade ago! Well, I finally came close: I got the username and password to my second blog, since after I wrote some stupid things... [Read More]

Finding a Google Listen alternative

One of my first favorite apps for Android was Google Listen, a Labs project that offered a simple way to track and listen to podcasts on the go. No syncing, minimal set up, just click and listen to your favorite shows. You could search and subscribe from the app, or... [Read More]

Relearning how to ride

I never stopped programming, not quite. It’s just my code became hackier and hackier. For a non-programmer, think of it as writing a novel first by crafting letters into words into sentences but then, rushed for time, you start clipping words from other sources, ransom note style, and pasting them,... [Read More]