Drupal 7: Easier to install than ever

Usually I start beta testing Drupal releases well before it’s safe or sane, usually upgrading this site, without any real backups, to the latest, greatest and crashiest. With Drupal 7, I held off because I’ve been so completely swamped. I’m happy to report that the installation process has been further... [Read More]

Constructive Criticism

I will say this, though: unsolicited redesigns are terrific and fun and useful, and I hope designers never stop doing them. But as they do so, I also hope they remember it helps no one — least of all the author of the redesign — to assume the worst about... [Read More]


Tried upgrading the site to Drupal v 7 tonight, and made a few mistakes (some in full knowledge) while doing it: [Read More]

And the winner is ...

This Month’s Carnival of Journalism Question: What qualities should awards like the Online Journalism Awards endorse in an era of such tremendous change in the news industry? [Read More]