Some tips on using OpenHeatMap: A survivor's tale

I have now spent a long, long time getting acquainted with the wonderful OpenHeatMap, a delightful project by Pete Warden that easily lets you map your data sets against not only maps (as the name would apply) but also time. [Read More]

Good tools for visualizing social networks

Social NetworkAbout a week ago, I met up with a former Romanian journalist who’d done a great job mapping political, media and organized crime ties in his country, and the complex relation between the three. It was a great database, but a little hard to wrap your head around because... [Read More]

I'm in WBUR, Cape Cod Times, Nieman Lab ... and heaven

So lately I’ve been super busy, with a half-written blog post about The Social Network just sitting in my drafts, but I completely forgot to mention something even more important (I know: More important than that?!): I’ve recently had my work features all over the place! [Read More]