There was an app for that

From the New York Times: A screenshot from one of On the Go Girls banned applications.Fred Clarke, co-president of a small software company called On the Go Girls, which made Sexy Scratch Off, said that as of Monday all 50 of his company’s applications were no longer available. They included... [Read More]

Scary Red Text

Scary Red Text Occasionally, logging in to check site comments, I get scary red text like this. It gives me a sick little thrill, realizing how complicated and interconnected everything is, that I can reach in and break stuff on this site, even accidentally, like opening up a mechanical watch... [Read More]

Google Buzz and the commoditization of conversation

Maybe I’m daft (ok, we all know I am daft), but what new features, really new features does Google Buzz bring to the table? For the end user, it really seems like something that could have been cobbled together with a clever Greasemonkey script, which is an unusually low bar... [Read More]

Donate to help others help a good cause

When I first moved into the Boston area, a priority was finding a civic organization I could volunteer for and make a difference within the community. That ended up being a lot harder than I would’ve thought: I e-mailed organizations I thought would be a good fit blindly, and often... [Read More]