More Writing

Over the past several years, I’ve been published in a variety of publications large and small, including the New York Times’ website, Cornell Alumni Magazine, and Business 2.0 magazine. [Read More]

Is Bank of America going to launch a carbon tracking feature?

I recently wrote that Yodlee was considering new features, including an "Environmental Impact Service" that tracked a user's projected carbon footprint. With Microsoft's Hohm offering carbon tracking, I take another look at the numbers and wonder why Bank of America isn't taking advantage of a service that could conservatively net... [Read More]


This site uses Google Analytics to track page views, see what’s popular with my readers, and see how visitors are finding the website. In the future, I’ll try and update the little analytic numbers to give you an idea of what other readers are enjoying.

An Instant makeover: redesigned

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for one of Drupal’s default themes, Chameleon, but it was time for a refresh. Sometime this morning, my own custom theme “Instant Design” will turrned on. [Read More]